Cocoanibs WholeCocoanibs Whole


Theobroma cacao


Product Description

  • Cacao nibs are small pieces of crushed cacao beans or cocoa beans that have a bitter, chocolatey flavour. They’re produced from beans derived from the Theobroma cacao tree, also known as the cocoa tree. Cocoa beans are dried after harvesting, then fermented and cracked to produce small, dark bits or cacao nibs. These rich, chocolatey nibs are loaded with nutrients and powerful plant compounds that have been shown to benefit health in many ways.


  • Cacao nibs contain many antioxidants. These antioxidants can help reduce cell damage in your body.
  • The fiber in cacao beans promotes healthy digestion. Getting enough fiber can help soften your bowel movements, prevent haemorrhoids and help with other digestive conditions.
  • Cacao nibs contain healthy fats and other compounds that can increase the levels of the hormones serotonin and dopamine in your brain, which impacts your mood.
  • Cacao nibs are highly nutritious, providing an impressive amount of protein, fiber, healthy fats, minerals, and plant compounds like flavonoids.

Suggested Applications:

  • Cacao Nibs used as a supplement for better health benefits.
  • Cacao Nibs is widely used as important ingredient in superfood products.
  • Cacao Nibs can be add to blends for enhancing taste and possesses various health benefits
  • Cacao Nibs has wide application in Ayurvedic, pharma and food industries.