Our Top-selling ingredients are Turmeric, Ginger, Ashwagandha, Moringa, Star Anise, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Rose Petals, Hibiscus, Tulsi Leaves, Fennel Seeds.

Our Minimum Order Quantity for Domestic clients is 50 Kg and for International Client 100Kg of Each ingredient.

We supply products in different forms like Whole, Cut & Sifted (C/s) , Tea Bag Cut (TBC) and Powder.

You can buy the product directly from our website or you can email us on below E-mail id

  • sales@windsonindia.com
  • info@windsonindia.com

Our main selling ingredients are organic but we also sell conventional ingredients some times.

Yes, Our products are certified as per NPOP, NOP, USDA and EU standard by Once Cert India International certification body.

Yes, We have. You can go through these certificates on our websites.

Yes, We can do Private labeling packaging.

Yes, we do export our products across the globe.

We can mostly use below packaging

  • Paper coated HDPE Bag inside LDPE Liner (Food Grade)
  • HDPE BAG Inside LDPE Liner (Food Grade)
  • Vacuum packing in Nylon bags (Food Grade) & outside: Hard Corrugated Carton
  • We also do customized packing as per your requirement