Red Rose WholeRed Rose Whole


Rosa Centifolia

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  • Botanical Name : Rosa Centifolia
  • Origin : India
  • Other name : Gulab
  • Product Certification : Natural
  • Uses : Cosmetics, tea
  • Other Available Form/sizes : C/S, TBC, Powder and Buds
  • Particle size : Whole

Product Description

  • Roses are more commonly known as beautiful, aromatic decorative pieces. Rose petal is one of the best ingredients for giving a natural boost to your health and beauty.  It is high in Vitamin C, Pectin and Citric Acid. High quality, clean and naturally caffeine free, refreshing and healthy, Perfect served hot or cold, either on its own or with a little honey. It can be infused with other herbs as well according to your preference.



  • Red Rose may Soothes skin irritation and sore throats.
  • Red Rose may help to Reduces skin redness.
  • Red Rose Helps prevent and treats infections.
  • Red Rose Contains antioxidants, it may help in cuts, scars, and burns.
  • Red Rose may Relieves headaches.


Suggested Application:

  • Red Rose used as a supplement for better health benefits.
  • Red Rose is widely used as important ingredient in cosmetic and Tea products.
  • Red Rose can be add to blends for enhancing taste and possesses various health benefits.
  • Red Rose has wide application in Ayurvedic, pharma and food industries.